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What If...Triple H Left WWE?

Mullet and Rich did a Rumble and started talking about the endless possibilities of Paul Levesque exploring his options. That led to the first (and de...
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The 2021 Podswoggle Draft

We took 2020 off, but you know we had to come back in the middle of the amazing year of 2021 to form our own wrestling companies once again! Who goes ...
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WrestleMania-Like Recap

Just like the good ole days! It’s Mullet and Rip recapping the biggest show of the year and all of its rain, surprises, blown calls, boxes, whips, dru...
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Whose Mania is it Anyway?

Podswoggle turns 11 and this podcast is dialed up to 11 with super sized picks recorded across 3 days for the two days of WrestleMania! Settle in and ...
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2021 Royal Rumble Picks

It’s the final show of the limited run and we go out with a bang! On top of our usual insane picks, there’s more jokes, a historic first you don’t wan...
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Royalty Without the Gold

Did you think we were going to wrap up this limited run without an episode featuring a point based game, all of the jokes our wonderful fans have sent...
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2020 Swoggie Game and Winners

The votes have been counted! It’s time to reveal the winners of the 2020 Swoggie Awards. Listen to the Squad laugh and debate the results. Also, an or...
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The Drunk History of Bill Goldberg

What better way to celebrate Christmas and what better gift than a NEW drunk history about the most famous Jewish wrestler of all time? Rich and Mulle...
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