S01EP07 (Part-2): The Final Autopsy


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Karma Is A Witch! (Hindi)

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All will be revealed as Vikram brings in the final twist! And watch out for the 'Post-Credit' sequence! Characters according to their order of appearance |Vikram - Sartak| |Kruti - Anjana| |Ravi - Naveen Mishra| |Rakesh - Sukrut| |Shankar - Rakshit| |Rahul - Vikas| |Krish - Prajwal| |Nisha - Shweta| |Ganesh - Aadersh| |Theme song sung by Aditi & Aishwarya| |Story and Rhythm by Suraj| |Story and Music Produced by Chethan Narayanaswamy| |Produced at Prathidhwani studios| For all the feedback reach out to us @ prathidhwani.com