S14E03 - Rights and Wrong'uns


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You can listen to this week's show right here.This week's show is about the Tory plan to abolish the Human Rights Act and to put England and Wales (though not Scotland or NI, of course) outside of the direct constraints of International Human Rights law.It's a good job that Ben is still barely croaking otherwise this would no doubt have been an angry rant full of vitriol about our Home Secretary and Lord Chancellor.  Surely Kirstin will be far more calm about it...Of course, you might want to balance the Tory slandering of the Act and the ECHR against a few examples of what the law has meant for us.For a great collection of what to read about this to know more on both sides of the argument, please see the excellent compendium put together by David Allen Green.Not only that but it has been a little while since we heard what's going on in the world of immigration law.  There has been a report about the Home Office and its ability to do its job.  Spoilers, government subcontractors are not exactly thrilling us with their efficiency.  Jonathan Holt explains all.  Visit Bail For Immigration Detainees and read all about it.Next week should be a little more chatty assuming none of contract any other horrible illnesses.  PLEASE RATE/REVIEW US: wherever you subscribe, please take two seconds as we start this series, to give us some stars and a few kind words.  We'd be e'er so obliged.  It helps us get up the search rankings, ya see.  If you use iTunes, please click here and it'll take just seconds!