S2 E4 w| Guest Seth Compton


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Own Your Shift


Sue and Melissa are thrilled to welcome Seth Compton, Founder & Managing Directer of OUTLoud to this weeks episode of OWN YOUR SHIFT!OUTLoud is a community outreach resource and is committed to the health, happiness and full participation of the LGBTQ2S members and allies of North Bay ON and surrounding communities through services, safe spaces and leadership.Today, Seth shares his story of transitioning from female to male that started in the spring of 2019. He offers us insights into the challenges he's faced through this transition and the amazing support systems that OUTLoud has and is continuing to develop and offer to our community. For more information you can follow OUTLoud on FB & IG @outloud_northbayWebsite: www.outloudnorth.comEmail: outloudnorthbay@gmail.comUPCOMING EVENTS:1st Annual Fundraiser @ Best WesternSpring Formal (Inquire about donating formal wear)Documentary production - Premier in Fall 2020 @ Capitol Center& MORE!