S2 Episode 1: Fertility Talk


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Saludable Latina


Happy Monday! It's time to drop a new season with new intentions.  Get ready as the Saludable Latina Women's Health and Wellness Podcast is ready to bring more health topic conversations with real women and health and wellness experts. To get things started right, Lilia is opening up about her own personal story with an episode about Fertility Talk.  Fertility...Hmmm What does it mean? Well, many things really, but for today's podcast conversation it will be focused on trying to conceive. In this Episode, I talk about my personal experience as I got ready to see a fertility specialist, what labs where recommended, intimate screening questions the provider asked, sex life, and deciding to go on hormone therapy.   Although I don't  give you all the details in this episode, I will be breaking up the topics into different podcast segments throughout the new season in hopes to create the dialogue, awareness and education.  (*Importante: As always all podcast episodes are for educational purpose only, it is not a substitution for medical advice or treatment. Please always consult with your medical provider in regards to a particular diagnoses or health treatment.)  Labs recommended by my medical provider for my fertility assessment were the following:  Chemistry Panel Lipid Profile Hematology  Thyroid Endocrine HcG Quant  You also have to excuse me as I mention an insulin panel which I might of mistaken with the Lipid panel.  Below are a couple of resources and even though I didn't recommend a book during the recording, the one below is a good read on how to have good prenatal nutrition.  Pre-Seed Fertility : 1. https://www.firstresponse.com/en/product-listings/fertility-friendly-lubricant Book Recommendations:  1. https://www.amazon.com/Real-Food-Pregnancy-Prenatal-Nutrition Social Media: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saludable_latina Email: saludablelatina@gmail.com  XOXOX Lilia --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/saludablelatina/support