S2: Episode 4: “Jesus is King — The Kanye Episode”


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You Didn’t Ask For My Opinion!!


Digging into the life of Kanye West, his latest album, Jesus is King, and the effect he’s having on the world. Featuring Terrence Green: co-host of the Earzup Disneyland Podcast Earzup-podcast.com, Nia Anderson: founder of Be You for a Purpose, worship leader and author of 2 books, "Behind the Worship: a 40 day devotional for today's musical worship leaders" and "love. True." A book about sex both found on beyouforapurpose.com and or in Amazon, and Corey Decker: Up and coming author with a 5-star rated book on Amazon called “False Refuge”. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/youdidntask/support