You Didn’t Ask For My Opinion!!

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Giving you my opinion, even though you didn’t ask for it! Support this podcast:

Restoring Race Relations - Part 1

This episode answers the following questions: 1. Why is it that White People are the only ones called racist?  2. How do you make people understand wh...
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I'm Tired.

I need to say this before I lose the courage to do so. I am tired of talking.  --- Support this podcast:
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I Run With Maud

This isn't about hurting feelings. It's about speaking our for those who can't speak anymore. Will you join us? Dedicated to Ahmaud Arbery. Gone too s...
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S2.E2: Laughter and Empathy

You can laugh, but sometimes, it’s good to make sure others aren’t hurting. --- Support this podcast:
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