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It’s an experience common to a lot of people. You overspend for years and don’t really think about your finances. Something changes and you begin to take notice. You start turning that ship around. You struggle, and sometimes you succeed and other times you end up reverting back to the same old habits. I was lucky to be in that “succeed” camp. Part of the reason, I believe, was The Simple Dollar – getting into the regular routine of writing the site forced me to think again and again about my financial state, and that process helped me to overcome some of the biggest challenges of my financial turnaround. Looking back, I can identify four key moments that offered the most challenge to my turnaround. Two of them happened just once; good solutions and the passage of time helped to fix them. Two others recurred fairly often; good solutions and knowing how to use them, again and again, helped those moments to pass. At some point during your financial turnaround, you’re likely to hit all four of these moments. In fact, it’s pretty likely that you’re already facing the first one. Let’s look at all four in turn, along with some strategies for taking care of them.  ★☆★ SUBSCRIBE TO TERESA’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW ★☆★ Teresa Harding   ★☆★ WANT TO EXPONENTIALLY INCREASE BUSINESS SUCCESS ★☆★ Check out the link below to get access to Teresa’s tested and tried business program, the Content Creation Challenge. Join our awesome community with others in their march to business success by clicking HERE!   OR   Book a free call with me!   You can also join the Rulebreakers community and talk to more fellow entrepreneurs and business owners    ★☆★ CONNECT WITH TERESA ON SOCIAL MEDIA ★☆★   Podcast: The Teresa Harding Podcast Instagram: @teresahardingofficial   Do you want to upscale your business, accomplish your dreams, and win back your freedom all at the same time?    How to create 100 pieces of content in 7 days.​