Sex + Sobriety: Codependency


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I'm so excited to talk about codependency today! Research defines codependency as: "The psychosocial condition that is manifested through a dysfunctional pattern of relating to others. This pattern is characterized by: extreme focus outside of self, lack of open expression of feelings or emotions, and, attempts to derive a sense of purpose through relationships" (Spann & Fischer, 1990, p. 27). Whoa! That definition is me! I am a person who struggles with making other people, and most importantly, what other people think of me, my whole life. Over time I'm learning to put more of that dependence in a higher power, but progress isn't linear. I hope you enjoy the episode, and if you're struggling with codependency, just know you're not alone!PS. if you think you need real help for codependency there is a Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA). Find more info at their website