Sex + Sobriety: The issue is in our tissue


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Sex + Sobriety

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These are some crazy times right now! I was lucky enough to be able to zoom with my friend Lauri to talk about yoga and 12-step recovery. We had a beautiful conversation where we touched on everything from yoga and the 12 steps to meditation and living in the time of coronavirus. I hope that this episode gives you a little bit of time to just pause and not think about the insanity that's going on around us. I hope that you are finding time for yourself and for your sobriety. I hope that you are well, and I keep you and your loved ones in my prayers. We love to hear from listeners. Please reach out with feedback or if you have a topic you want us to talk about: Check us out on Facebook @SobrietySexPodcastGreat apps to check out right now:-In the rooms-Insight Timer-Yoga with Adrienne (youtube)