Sex,Self Image and Fighting Ourselves


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That Inner Voice


That Inner Voice- The podcast that delves deep into all matters of the mind, getting up close and personal with coaches, healers, authors, actors, sports people, ex addicts, musicians and many more to bring you an insight into how they overcome life's challenges and their top tips for looking after mental ,emotional, spiritual and physical health. What does your inner voice say to you??Jessica Fleischer, A.K.A. The Kickboxing Queen is a 2x English Kickboxing Champion, a hypnotherapist, and the founder of 'I am Fighting Fit'.Jess is on a mission to empower wholehearted health, inspire individuals to take action towards their goals, and create the confidence of a champion!She runs 'Fighting Fit Together', a community for kickboxing and personal development, alongside hypnotherapy work with clients, for habit change and health (including eating habits, alcohol, and smoking), overcoming anxieties, and improving performance, in business or in sport!If you would like to find out more, head to her Jennifer McKenzie - The Conscious Living Coach is the owner of Lunar Spirit Wellbeing a holistic and spiritual company. Jen is a spiritual life coach and mentor. Meditation and mindfulness teacher. Reiki Master/teacher. Holistic therapist, gravity yoga instructor, talk show & podcast host and best-selling author. Jen inspires, motivates and encourages individuals to take that deep dive into self-healing  to overcome limitations, anxiety, break the cycle of self-sabotage so you can excel in life. Jen does this by helping you get in touch with your soul, find inner peace, gain the courage to step up and be a leader in your life, be your true authentic self and consciously create the life you desire and deserve. Find out more and follow Jen here....Facebook : : website :, Subscribe and ShareIf you like what you hear please leave a review by clicking herePodchaser : sure you’re subscribed to the podcast so you get the latest episodes.