Slipstream: Temper Your Expectaions


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Growing Up '80s

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Strap yourself into your Edgley Optica ultralight for 90 minutes of one of Robin's favourite movies ever! Slipstream is an oft-forgotten sci-fi movie from 1989 staring Star Wars' Mark Hamill, Aliens' Bill Paxton and Jurassic Park's Bob Peck. And if that doesn't get you wanting to watch it, Slipstream was produced by Gary Kurtz (who also produced Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back) and was directed by Steven Lisberger who also directed Tron! With all the big names involved in its production it's gotta be great, right? Well... it's not great. But it does have a lot of great elements in it and even Darren agrees it gets better with subsequent viewings.