Snatch.......Em Saturday


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Beer talk


It's Saturday, November 4th and we wanna welcome fall with open arms.........or a beer. Let's get to the news. Raccoon gets stuck in storm drain after eating too much. Woman charged with DWI while riding horse. Son tied down to roof to hold down pool. Man attacks wife with knife and then kills himself with chainsaw. Two passengers who met on a plane charged with having sex on it. We are also gonna have the great debate; Do you wipe front to back or back to front? Rick -E-Rodz explains why it's a bad idea to buy meth and get a hooker at Chuck-E-Cheese. Dudes dads jokes. Help us think of a way to induct our in house puddle pirate into the Podcast. All this and more. Don't forget you can also call into the show and chat with us live. 646-668-8931. Follow us on Facebook, Snapchat, instagram, and twitter @beertalkde.