Stan's Soapbox | May 10, 2020


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Dewey Defeats Truman


Star Wars and "Balance" (0:00), Cuomo may extend PAUSE through June 7th, possibilities different for Upstate (18:54), Joe promises to nominate black woman to Supreme Court (37:56), Tara Reade says she'll take testify if Biden does (45:50), Stacey Abrams is still here (1:01:20), Actual Mom Kirsten Gillibrand and New York Presidential Primary (1:15:10), Stan’s Soapbox (1:30:30), Pelosi suggests socially distant DNC. Are we still going? (1:37:50), Multiple White House Staffers test positive in a matter of days (1:44:00), Katie Porter (CA-45) endorses Tedra Cobb (1:53:39), The Alternate History is BACK (2:26:10) Originally Recorded May 10, 2020 Got a Question you want to be read live on air? Want this show on a specific podcast app? For requests, letters to the editor, or general complaints, email us: Dewey Defeats Truman is available elsewhere! Spotify: Soundcloud: Apple Podcasts: Follow us on Twitter. Brennan: @dontdowdit Ian: @IanJ_27 Follow us on Instagram, Brennan: @dontdowdit Ian: @gaysinspace Show art done by Koleoh. Twitter: @KoleohPlays Twitch: No copyright infringement intended with show thumbnails or music.