Starting the Pornography Talk with Cath Hakanson


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We are having the pornography talk today, I know, it can be a scary topic and we're going to take it head-on to give you the tools to feel confident in having these conversations.    What do I say? How do I bring it up? If I talk about it will that MAKE them look for porn?? What if they don't want me talking about it at all?!   Cath Hakanson is a sex educator, sexual health blogger (Sex Ed Rescue) and nurse in Australia. Cath is with me today to answer all of these questions and to give you tools to start the conversation no matter the age of your child.  Your children will be exposed to pornography, it's not a question of "if," but "when." The goal of this episode is to help you start these conversations, calm some of your concerns, encourage you to start these talks (Yes, TALKS) about pornography with your kids. You can do this!! Cath also has many other supportive resources to check out if this episode leaves you hungry for more. She offers a lot of support through her blog and website at   Here is a link to one of the posts we reference in the show which labels some of the steps you can take to have these talks   If you enjoy this podcast please consider leaving a donation via Venmo @BraxtonDutson. Thank you for your consideration, any amount helps the podcast immensely.  Thank you again for listening. I appreciate you being a part of the hive. -Braxton- Listen on , , , , and     Leave Birds and Bees an iTunes review Leave a Stitcher Review Birds and Bees Facebook Page Listen from our webpage