Ep. 36 - Stupid Little Worm


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Are We Dating?

Society & Culture

It's almost Halloween! Be safe, stay home, and send us spooky puns. Apologies for the late upload, it's been a rough couple of weeks because of midterms for us. But we are back this episode with a segment about yet another horrifying piece of history we didn't learn in school and a new surprise trivia segment!   We'd love to hear from you! Email us your stories, questions, ideas, corrections, and absurd ramblings, or solicit our (questionable) advice at: arewepodcast@gmail.com If you haven't yet, follow us on Instagram or join our Facebook group to keep updated with our posting schedule and future episodes!As always, big thanks to Paul who edits our audio to make our voices sound a lil less janky. We <3 U.This week's horoscope by: Jessica LanyadooOur theme music: Sensual Rhythm by Royalty Free Music ClubArticle from Timeline on Human Zoos: https://timeline.com/human-zoo-worlds-fair-7ef0d0951035