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This week we talk with our favorite plastic free friend, Juli Mixis! We chat about the changes she has made to become plastic free and how EASY it actually is (no, we're not lying!) Connect with Juli on instagram @julinoe  Some of the brands we mentioned:-Blueland-Bite -Clean Cult-Dropps -Ethique-Lush Cosmetics -Stasher Bags-Midtown Composting (Metro Detroit ONLY)-Who Gives a CrapDon't forget to follow us at @happyishthepodcast on Instagram, like us on Facebook and follow us on Pinterest. You can email us at happyishthepodcast@gmail.com. Follow Courtney at @clfordd and Emily at @emily.kyle.d.Make sure to tag us in your #SelfCare2020 posts! TBH we need self care now more than ever...Stay happy and heathy, xoxo