Tally Mac Shack | Justin Cruz


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Growing Roots Tallahassee


I mean how can you change Mac N Cheese? It’s Mac N Cheese. Maybe you could swap the flavor of cheese, thicken or thin your sauce or get wild with the macaroni type. But you couldn’t build a business around it? Right?If you said no you would be wrong and if you said yes then you probably know about Tally Mac Shack and Justin Cruz. Justin thought differently about the way our city, Tallahassee thinks about Mac N Cheese. He started using the mac as the foundation to add smoked meats, home-made sauces, vegetables, anything that he could think of. Anything that would make the Mac N Cheese shine.Tallahassee immediately loved it, so Justin put his ideas on wheels and named it Tally Mac Shack. When you look around Tallahassee today, you will notice that Tally Mac Shack isn’t just a food truck anymore...