Growing Roots Tallahassee

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Conversations with the people of Tallahassee who put down roots and grew trends that you see around TLH today. Growing Roots takes you through the story of Tallahassee’s local entrepreneurs and the change they’ve cultivated.

DEEP Brewing Co | Ryan LaPete

Lean startup is one of those buzzwords in the business world. Everyone telling you to get lean, reduce overhead, don’t take investors, but few people ...
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Wm. Lamb & Son | William Lamb

Tallahassee is full of and surrounded by southern living: antebellum houses, roads named after native American chiefs and American presidents, small h...
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Tally Mac Shack | Justin Cruz

I mean how can you change Mac N Cheese? It’s Mac N Cheese. Maybe you could swap the flavor of cheese, thicken or thin your sauce or get wild with the ...
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Arbor Pros | Mike Cross

Locals of Tallahassee love their trees and no one more than Mike Cross. An unlikely advocate for our trees, Arborist Mike Cross started tree cutting a...
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