Taylor Made 13 - Brian Johnson's Sick Burn


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Taylor Made


It's been a long time coming but we're here with our first international edition of Taylor Made. Bringing you nonsense from both sides of the Atlantic, the time zone difference only makes it more confusing. It's a doozey of an episode which is clocking in at just under an hour but it's filled to the brim with giggles and snorts. We also swore quite a lot this time round and I'm not quite sure why. As we haven't had a catch-up in a while, we talked to great lengths about Sam's experiences from working at the Olympics and how he managed to combine the names of an astronomer and the Mayor of London and then humiliate himself in front of one of them. Lemurs and Pagans are also discussed at one point. Talking points: Brian Johnson, Brian Cox, Boris Johnson, Pagans, lemurs, Canada, Guild Wars 2 and the Olympics.