Taylor Made

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Join Sam, Robert and Laurence Taylor; three handsome brothers, on Taylor Made

Taylor Made 09 - Boom! Bangladesh

Another pulse-pounding, rip-roaring adventure this week starring your three favourite action heroes: Sam, Robert and Laurence Taylor. We're in a rhyth...
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Taylor Made 08 - Celador Caber

Fighting against the forces of nature and time itself, we bring to you an extended episode of TaylorMade. I say extended but we talked for too long so...
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Taylor Made 06 - Hip and Sexy

We're back and we're on time! Hurrah! Cause for celebration for one and all. We took an hour out of our day to sit down and talk about some truly worl...
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Taylor Made 05 - Vampyre

Another jam-packed show this week featuring your three favourite brothers Sam, Robert and Laurence Taylor. We worked around the clock to get this epis...
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