Tha Villenenz and Nikki Forrester


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Gate City Live


Episode #74. We love bringing divergent music styles together on Gate City Live just to see what happens, and we are always surprised at the similarities— not only with the music, but the artists themselves ? All three of these artists grew up in small-town Piedmont NC, playing music since they were kids and bringing voice to their personal experiences. J.Melo and Saint Pat make up the #hiphip duo Tha Villlenz Nikki Forrester plays with #altpop duo The Sun God. On this episode, Tha Villenz perform 1) Soon to be released single: Carolina's Finest and 2) From their last project: Let Me Holla At You. Nikki Forrester performs 1) Maniacal and 2) Safe For Work. (Recorded 1-10-20)