The Benefits of Self-Nourishment and Journaling


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Get Fit with Jodelle


Whats the healthiest habit you can commit to in 2021…..self-nourishment. No it’s not being selfish, its self-care and self-awareness so you can have better health and better energy for those who need you. And I’m not even talking food here when I say nourishment. What my guest and I will be discussing today involves just a few minutes of your day and a pen. Steven Lawson is the founder of this amazing tool, called the Monk Manual. And many of use are going to relate to his story here….After spending a decade pushing himself to every limit in the workforce alongside his colleagues and friends, he slowed down, looked around and realized something was wrong. The ways of modern productivity are making people sick. Determined to find a way of life that accounts for the whole person—body, mind, and spirit—Steven began a soulful journey that has led him to develop the Monk Manual which I will let you fill you in today why exactly he calls it the Monk Manual. Learn tips, enjoyable habits, and ways to reflect to improve your health and your life. Some features I Love: Leather bound simple classic look The habit insights The one thing God is teaching me section The PAR method, break that down for us. To learn more about Steven and the Monk Manual, visit: and use promo code: JODELLE to save 10% Interested in lifestyle and nutrition coaching? Jodelle offers personal consulting at affordable rates. Visit: Thank you to our show sponsors, Monk Manual, and Swanwick Sleep. and use promo code: JODELLE10