The Gin Craze


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Let's Talk About Chef


This episode of Lets Talk About Chef is a little different in that it is not really about food or restaurants or chefs or reviewing aspects of Brians culinary life in any way shape or form. It is about the gin craze that almost destroyed London England in the 1700's. The Gin Craze was a time when had of Londons population were fully addicted to chugging pints of essentially poison and if you didn't die you were pretty much guaranteed to fight, pass out, steal, kill and sell everything you owned to get more of the stuff.This episode of Lets Talk About Chef was written and hosted by Brian ClarkeYou can write into the show by sending everything to or you can follow Brian on instagram @chefbrianclarke You can find any past or current episodes on or wherever you get your podcastsIf you can take five seconds to give the show five stars we would be eternally grateful.