The Milk Cleanse for Lyme, Mold, & Parasites s w/ Jody Levy


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If you are suffering from Lyme, mold, parasites, and just chronic systemic inflammation of any kind that is robbing you of life, listen up…. So the cliche is not wrong - Milk really does do a body good… before you say "I’m lactose intolerant or dairy sensitive so this podcast isn’t going to apply to me," you might want to reconsider and listen in….…….because let me tell you, prior to this podcast, I never liked, or craved milk or desired milk but now I have found a new use for milk and a new appreciate for it. But what my next guest is about to talk about is something I will tell you I was hugely skeptical about until I tried it myself and the cliff notes to this podcast is that what we are talking about today finished out my mold treatment and got back to 99% of where I was before the mold exposure. I’ll explain more later, but first……. Let me tell you who this brilliant lady is I have with me today…….. Jody Levy has founded, developed and advised over 10 health and wellness companies (and counting!) as a part of her “enlightened drinking” mission Have you heard of WTRMLN WTR, What about Lifeway Kefir and she also has developed NeuroPraxis, Thrive Market, The LabElymental Milk Cleanse. Which we will be discussing today - a non-deprivation cleanse which helps clear gut parasites and toxins from the body, which is the first step to clearing foggy brain, upset stomach, overall balance, and weight loss. Here are the links we mentioned in the podcast: And promo Code: TMCJodelle for 10% off the cleanse! Instagram: Neuropraxis App: (highly recommend!) Thanks to our show sponsors: Purity Coffee (Mold-free coffee) Get a starter bundle for only $40: Ancestral Supplements: Use this link and then enter code: JODELLE to save 10% on the Thyroid/Liver product. If you are suffering from mold, lyme or any other biotoxin illness, please consider setting up a Nutrition Therapy and Lifestyle Consult with Jodelle. Visit: and learn more!