The Myth of Work/Life Balance


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Lessons from a Quitter


Here’s what everyone gets wrong about work/life balance.    You run around trying to change everything outside of you in order to try to gain a little “balance”.  If I worked less hours… If I had more time at home with my kids…. If I could spend some time resting...then I’d feel balanced.    But what happens as soon as you try to do those things?   Your brain ruins it.   You're at home with the kids and you’re constantly anxious about how much work you still have to finish.   You’re laying down to rest and you’re berating yourself for not getting up to run all of your errands.    You’re trying to focus on your work deadline and you’re feeling guilty about missing your son’s soccer practice.    It’s no wonder you’re exhausted all of the time.    You cannot have balance until you learn that your worth is not attached to your productivity.   You cannot have balance until you learn that you deserve rest even when you have a full to-do list.   You cannot have balance until you learn that you’ll never be perfect and it’s ok to stop trying.    Until you can manage your brain to drop all the guilt and shame, there is no magic formula that will create balance for you because you’ll constantly be telling yourself you’re doing it wrong.   This week on the podcast, I dive into how you can finally start working towards having some real balance in your life.