The One Hack You Need to EXPLODE Your Law Firm Marketing Right Now


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>> Get the newest LFG episodes delivered to your inbox when you Sign Up for our Newsletter.Resource Links:Episode mentioned: 100th Episode Special: Have You Paid Your Dues?Growth-minded firm owner? Join our Facebook group and get access to the Close Your Next Consultation trainingEstate planning attorney? Ditch the marketing hacks and get a system that works with Seminar 2.0This one weird hack will EXPLODE your law firm marketing… And you can take advantage of it before anyone else does. Want the secret?? We’ll tell you in THIS episode....not buying it? Us either. You’ve probably seen your fair share of hacks online. There’s hacks for everything from productivity to weight loss to sleep to marketing and much more.On the surface, hacks are sexy. They present you with an alternative where you can gain an advantage - just for finding something that other people haven’t.The problem? Hacks won’t get you far for long. If you want sustainable results from your marketing efforts, you’ll need to take a different approach.If you’ve been searching for the next big legal marketing hack to take your firm to the next level, you’ll want to hear what we have to say in today’s episode. In this week’s podcast, Jan discusses the problem with hacks and what you should focus on instead when it comes to marketing your firm. There’s much more to learn in this episode about scaling your firm, so tune in now!In this episode: 01:49 - Why “hacks” aren’t something to focus on in the long run 03:00 - What the stock market can teach us about hacks05:18 - You can’t con an honest man 06:45 - From hacks to sustainable resultsAbout Our Host:Jan Roos is the founder and CEO of CaseFuel agency, which helps law firms generate revenue through pay-per-click advertising. He is a legal marketing expert and is the author of the bestselling book, Legal Marketing Fastlane. It talks about PPC lead generation, a technique used to generate client leads for big and small practices.If you liked this episode, please don’t forget to subscribe, tune in, and share this podcast. See for privacy and opt-out information.