Ep. 34 - The Trivia Episode!


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Are We Dating?

Society & Culture

Hey babies!! Tonight is our first ever trivia night! You better be there, and if not, you are forbidden from ever listening to the pod again. Just kidding, but in light of this event, we played The Newlywed Game! We answered a variety of questions about ourselves and tested each other on our answers. Who do you think will win? Who is the better half? Guess you'll have to listen. We'd love to hear from you! Email us your stories, questions, ideas, corrections, and absurd ramblings, or solicit our (questionable) advice at: arewepodcast@gmail.com If you haven't yet, follow us on Instagram or join our Facebook group to keep updated with our posting schedule and future episodes!As always, big thanks to Paul who edits our audio to make our voices sound a lil less janky. We <3 U.This week's horoscope by: Jessica LanyadooOur theme music: Sensual Rhythm by Royalty Free Music Club