Tips on how to be emotionally prepared for Wedding Dress Shopping


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Hello Beautiful Bride,Now we know that we can all finds tips online on how to prepare for wedding dress shopping, from what to wear to who to invite. On this podcast, we went a little deeper based on situations we have witnessed as we have helped thousands of brides find their gowns. One thing we notice is that since many brides do not go gown shopping prior to getting engaged, they are not emotionally prepared. Wedding planning can be highly stressful at times and is an emotionally charged event because let's be honest, everyone wants to be involved. We have been there for the most beautiful bridal moments but we have also been present for those moments when brides are hurt by comments made by those who join her at her appointment. Now, here we sat down to discuss some of the statements a bride should be ready to hear and how to handle them without allowing those words to take away from her bridal moment.Please listen and DM @bellalilybridal if you have any questions/feedbacks/or want to say hi!P.S. Don't forget to show love and tell everybody about this podcast.Cheers!