Turning A Dream Business Into Reality with Dr. Lyz Deboer — Ep. 112


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In this episode, I had Dr. Lyz Deboer, a Licensed Psychologist, Life & Love Coach, and UE member on the show to talk about the steps she's taking to make her dream business a reality. We chat about what it's like having both an in-person clinic AND an online business simultaneously, what she's doing to build her audience so she can provide care to people all over the world, and how she plans to achieve those big dreams. “People want and need the connection beyond just the words. It’s the energy, the personality, your heart, your soul, who you are, people want to know that.” - Shawn Mynar “Allow yourself to hold different ideas in the same sphere of your existence and recognize that the time will come that it will unfold and timing is so important in life.” - Dr. Lyz “One step at a time. You can’t look at the mountain, you have to look at the steps along the path to get to the top of it.” - Dr. Lyz “Invest in yourself, invest time energy, and love into yourself and your dreams. If you have this dream to develop your business and in order to make it into reality, the actions must follow.” - Dr. Lyz +++ MONEY WORKSHOP UNSTUCK BIZ UNSTUCK ENTREPRENEUR INSTAGRAM SHAWNMYNAR.COM - Get the latest scoop +++ Enjoying the podcast? Be sure to SUBSCRIBE + leave a REVIEW and tell me why! I appreciate your support.