Water Babies: And other creepy Nevada legends


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Research begins at 30:53This week we’re bringing you the whole enchilada on not 1 but 4 creepy Nevada paranormal legends! Kicking things off with Water Babies - the spooky story of haunting baby spirits in Pyramid Lake, Nevada. Thanks to Shaye Quam for the topic! Research starts at 30:53.In the first segment, Andy and Art update you on their life in the bunker.In the second segment, Andy and Art  give you, the listeners, an uninterrupted presentation of their research into Water Babies.Finally, Andy and Art discuss Thomas the Tank Engine, fire safety, centaurs, and so much more!Send us your thoughts to @MrBunkerPod and mrbunkerpod@gmail.com using the hashtag #TimberKate and # BurlyesqueMusic by Michael MartelloArtwork by Hannah RossAudio Editing by Arthur StoneFollow Us:PatreonTwitterInstagramWebsiteYoutubeLinks Mentioned:Links included on our website.