Week 18 - Eyeliner


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Mind the Mess


On this episode of Mind The Mess, we start with the guys feeling on Georgia winning the National Championship. Spoiler, someone is not happy. Well happy for Georgia and all, but the money was the issue. You'll get it. Then Week 18 happened and a mother week brings another Colts loss. We discuss if Went was the issue or if it falls on someone else. Plus, is Big Ben the luckiest QB ever? This year sure looks like it. Plus who is more surprising, the Raiders or Bengals? KEB makes a huge statement about the Raiders which leads to Medium T thinking of a challenge for us so let's go Raiders. Then we pick all Super Wild Card Weekend game this weekend and Medium T gets mad about the Sunday Night Game, guess who plays. Then it's Producer Parlay time before we get into our Starting Five! Things you spent money on that was a mistake. That sentence is the Starting Five topic. We have everything from food to spy gear to golf clubs. A lot of stuff in here. Enjoy folks!