Why Chinese brands are gaining the upper hand, with Doris Ke


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China Influencer Marketing Podcast


Over the past couple of years, Chinese brands have been experiencing massive growth. Newly founded direct-to-consumer brands are booming, while the more established Chinese brands have rebranded and revitalized themselves to attract a younger audience.So, where does this growth come from? Top-earning brands have proven themselves to be savvy marketers, quickly adopting the newest social platforms and promotional tactics, and developing products, branding, and messaging that show a deep understanding of their target audience’s preferences and tastes.In this episode, Lauren and Chinese marketing expert Doris Ke give us an overview of the marketing industry and key drivers of growth. Doris also shares some of her favorite domestic brands that she is watching right now.Doris is the founder and CEO of Digipont, a well-known B2B marketing thought leader in China with a popular WeChat Official Account. If you subscribe to Lauren’s newsletter, then you have definitely read her articles before!Brands mentioned in the episode:Perfect Diary (wánměi rìjì 完美日记) Genki Forest (yuánqì sēnlín 元气森林) WonderLabUpcoming webinar: What can we learn from China livestreaming ecommerce?This webinar is perfect for the product developer who is looking to get a better understanding of Chinese ecommerce livestreaming platforms. From the seamless user experience to the loyalty, gamification, and social sharing features, the UX of QVC and Home Shopping Network pales in comparison with China’s ecommerce livestreaming platforms. Lauren will also share her predictions for ecommerce livestreaming’s future in the West.Register here.Guest: Doris Ke, Founder & CEO of DigipontLinkedIn | Email | Website Host: Lauren HallananWebsite: | LinkedIn | WeChat: H1212118514Check out Lauren’s book: Digital China: Working with Bloggers, Influencers and KOLs.­To learn more about marketing in China, sign up for Lauren’s newsletter: The China Marketing Update.