Working Title: A Literary Arts Podcast - Parcels: MFAs In Progress November 2019


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Working Title: A Literary Arts Podcast


Today’s show features live readings from the November 2019 Parcels: MFAs in Progress: readings by University of Central Florida’s MFA Creative Writing candidates David K. Gibson, Marelize Roets, Dez Deshaies, and author and UCF assistant professor, Chrissy Kolaya.Parcels: MFAs in Progress is a project featuring readings from MFA Creative Writing candidates and faculty at the University of Central Florida. Join us the first Sunday of each month at 7PM at the Orlando Brewing Company in Orlando, Florida.Rated explicit for language and adult themes.Readers:[01:08] David K. Gibson[15:40] Marelize Roets[27:30] Dez Deshaies[40:25] Chrissy Kolaya