“You Matter” – Kate Wallinga. Psychologist, Podcaster, Mom


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Kate shares her journey of becoming a Psychologist, from attending her own parent’s highschool graduation as a baby and frequently moving as a young child, to an abusive near-death experience at a summer camp, through suffering further abuse as a freshman in college, to eventually finishing her final papers while breastfeeding. Kate has a doctorate in Psychology and describes multiple positions she’s held including an internship at a psychiatric hospital, and caring for inmates at a prison, discussing the unique challenges each job presented. Kate talks about how she dealt with multiple serious health concerns like contracting an infection which put her into a coma and caused partial vocabulary aphasia. She describes how ongoing medical and emotional challenges led to her feeling isolated and depressed, how she dealt with those feelings, and how when she began a podcast as a hobby it brought her community, interaction, and a place where she utilizes her breadth of knowledge. Kate's Podcast Ignorace Was Bliss can be found at iwbpodcast.com or @iwbpodcast on social media. Podcast Highlight: Up All Night, https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/private-island-presents-up-all-night/id1460025534