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Have you ever been curious about Kpop, but don’t know where to start? Or are you a huge Kpop fan with no one else to geek out with about it? Lucky for you, best friends Shannon & Angelica love talking about Kpop more than anything! Tune into Ask Me About Kpop each week for Kpop history, vocabulary words, great music, and of course some good old fashioned fangirling. 

Ep. 176: October Melties 2021

Our brains are melted by life and the fact that it's already October. So this week we didn't do any research about anything at all and we're just gonn...
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Ep. 175: What A Wonder Girl World

Tell me tell me t-t-t-t-tell me everything there is to know about Wonder Girls on today's deep dive episode! Learn all about the Wonder Girls (and JYP...
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Ep. 173: Misheard Lyrics (ver. 2)

Yep. We're doing this one again. Y'all sent us a ton more misheard lyrics after the first episode so let's check these new submissions out together. D...
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Ep. 172: #supportgirlgroups2021

It's already that time of year again! Time to meet all of the girl groups that have debuted since last September! What make this group of gals special...
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Ep. 170: The Originals - H.O.T.

Get ready for a super historically important deep dive just in time for this group to celebrate 25 years since their debut. It's time to finally meet ...
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Ep. 169: When We Disco

Shannon wanted to make a Kpop disco playlist. So we asked our Seasoned Fan Tier Patrons to submit their favorite Kpop Disco song for consideration. Bu...
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Ep. 168: Kpop Curtailed

This week we are chasing a curiosity and taking an audit of some of the biggest Kpop companies to figure out which of their groups had the shortest li...
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