Authors Like Us

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A podcast about everything you didn't want to know about the authors you love.

Episode 24 - Sarah Prineas

In this episode, Lee Edward Fodi and James McCann speak candidly with Sarah Prineas, author of the Magic Thief series. Sarah is witty, smart and a lot...
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Episode 23 - Tom Angleberger

This was our interview with Tom Angleberger, author of Strange Case of Origami Yoda. Many times in the past Lee and I have attempted to pull authors i...
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Episode 22 Helaine Becker

After nearly a six month absence, Authors Like Us is back. This was a podcast we did with Canadian author Helaine Becker, who had helped spearhead a b...
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Episode 17 - Kevin Sylvester

We could call this the "Food Episode," as much of it centres around the many dishes we love to eat. This is perfect for our guest, Kevin Sylvester, wh...
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Episode 16 - Kari Lynn Winters

Kari, Lee and I all go back to the early days that we were published. It's been quite exciting to be there for each other as we grew as writers, and t...
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