Bills and Beers: A Buffalo Bills Podcast

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A Buffalo Bills podcast recorded immediately after the game by fans and for fans.

2020 Wrap Up

A little bit KC, a little bit look back, a little bit look ahead. It's everything you'd want from a final act of a dynamite season, GO BILLS!
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Wild Card Win 2020

Playoff football is going to take some getting used to because the last month of the regular season was fun. That was not fun. But we won!! We're on t...
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Week 17 Dolphins (2020)

At this point, it's not even fair. The wind's at our back and these Bills just continue to ROLL ON. We love it. We're speechless. GO BILLS!
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Week 15 Broncos (2020)

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Better late than never. Hamstrung by a busted keyboard (for all those who read the ep notes last week, you might have seen this ...
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Week 13 Niners (2020)

Well that was the complete game we've been waiting for and it happened on a prime time MNF stage with Josh Allen lighting it up for the best game in h...
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Week 12 Chargers (2020)

----more----Bills come off their bye and pick up another AFC win, all is good, much to be thankful for, GO BILLS!
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