Catholic Youth Ministry Podcast

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Trying to dump everything I've learned out of my head and into the world, we talk practical advice, theory, resources, and inspiration for aspiring Catholic Youth Ministers. Join the conversation! With Your Host: Edmund Mitchell

6: Quick Exciting Update

Welcome to the Catholic Youth Ministry podcast, your home for practical and inspiring formation for your professional vocation. Join seasoned youth mi...
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2: What is Youth Ministry

We're back! This episode you'll find us quoting the Catechism, sharing a brief history of youth ministry in America and more. Be sure to follow us on ...
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1: Why You Should Listen

This is the Catholic Youth Ministry Podcast: the podcast about Catholic youth ministry by Catholic youth ministers with the longest title ever. Join s...
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Live Call-in Episode

We hosted a live call-in episode on Instagram live and took calls and voicemails from a bunch of youth ministers. This is a pilot for the Catholic You...
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