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A philosophy, politics, and economics podcast brought to you by the PPE department, Philosophy department, and Parr Center for Ethics at UNC Chapel Hill.

WSYD: The Infinite Loop

In this episode of What Should You Do?, Brennan takes us through Groundhog Day, where every day repeats itself! Without long-term consequences, is the...
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Court Packing

More justices doesn't mean more justice. In this episode of Chapel Phil, Max Hazerjian tours the history of the US Supreme Court to examine when and h...
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Claiming Spaces

How we move through the world depends upon how our identity interacts with the spaces around us.  This episode features the multi-talented Clay Morris...
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WSYD: Fake News!

What Should You Do?: Fake News brings back Brennan to talk about how we might interact with someone who promotes fake news. Reviewing input from Philo...
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Felony Murder

If I intentionally commit one crime, but another worse crime results, can I be held accountable? How about those that aided me?  In this episode, Anna...
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WSYD: Zombies and Theft

What Should You Do? is a new episode series on Chapel Phil, led by Brennan Maynard.  Philosophers often say a lot about what other people should do, b...
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Musicians and Morality

When musicians act immorally, should we still listen to their music?  In this episode, Elise discusses 1. the extent to which listening is an endorsem...
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