Dads Doing Their Best

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Two dads talking about parenting and dad stuff

Episode 31: AITA and Dad Tropes

A fun episode where we discuss some AITA reddit posts and common Dad tropes. We recorded this a couple months ago, which is why some references may be...
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Episode 30: Poops and Nummy

Andy and Chuck talk about some new trainings they have been doing with the kids. Intro and Outro music Side Entrance by Defy the MallContact us at chu...
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Episode 29: Don't Be A Racist

Andy and Chuck talk about how we are trying to raise anti-racist children. Also, we touch on other forms of discrimination.Intro and Outro music Side ...
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Episode 28: COVID-19

Andy and Chuck talk about the current pandemic.Intro and Outro music Side Entrance by Defy the MallContact us at or andy@...
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Episode 27: March Madness Part 2

Chuck and Andy go through Round 1 of our March Madness song bracket.Spotify Playlist of our bracket:
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Episode 26: March Madness Part 1

Chuck and Andy layout their plans for March and the Madness it entails. We discuss our bracket of best songs about being a parent. Spotify Playlist of...
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Episode 25: Scouts and Clubs

Andy and Chuck talk about Scouting and other clubs for kids. Sorry, the audio is muddled. Chuck is a bad sound engineer.Intro and Outro music Side Ent...
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Episode 24: Blogging and Privacy

Andy and Chuck talk about how we and others put so much of our children's lives on the internet and the consequences.Intro and Outro music Side Entran...
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Episode 23: Myths

There are so many myths and old wives tales when it comes to parenting. Andy and Chuck discuss a bunch.Intro and Outro music Side Entrance by Defy the...
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Episode 22: Arthrogryposis

Andy comes to this episode discussing what it has been like raising a daughter with a diagnosis of Arthrogryposis. Never heard of it? Don't worry neit...
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