Democracy Rules

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Democracy is a community principle realized through individual action. This podcast series focuses on the ‘Me’ in democracy and how the idea of the ‘self’ defines and is defined by the democratic structures within which we function. 

Episode 5: Beyond the Horizon

We have a very special guest joining us for this episode – Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights Uzra Zeya. Over her d...

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Episode 3: Seat at the table

In this episode, our guest, Siddhant Shah, highlights the importance of proactively creating a physically and intellectually enabling environment f...

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Ep 2: Everyone's Invited!

In this episode, our guest, Tehmina Arora, sheds light on the current state of legal aid in India and what is happening on the ground to include re...

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Ep 1: Demartcracy!

Dr. Anandana Kapur, Co-Founder of Cinemad in India and an award-winning filmmaker is our guest for this episode.

Dr. Anandana Kapur has work...

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