Dink Tank

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90min Content Editor Sean, freelance writer Oscar and noted Premier League historian Dan discuss a range of topics in the world of football.

The Champions League 'Bubble'

Sean, Dan and Oscar (finally) reconvene to discuss all the conclusion to this season's Champions League ahead of the final between Paris Saint-Germain...
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S1 E10 - Dink Tank's Big Quiz

Sean pits Oscar and Dan against the team of James (JC) and the returning Sam Oliver in five rounds of football madness. Because it's quiz season, afte...
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S1 E7 - Mailbag (ft thiemazette)

Sean, Oscar and Dan are joined by Louis (@thiemazette) and answer some questions from twitter. For information regarding your data privacy, visit Acas...
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S1 E5 - Bust Potential (Part 2)

The lads continue analysing transfers using bust potential, looking at the best and worst deals of the 2010s and what we can expect from the 2020s. Fo...
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S1 E5 - Bust Potential (Part 1)

After 73 takes trying to get the wording of the opening right, the lads discuss how the basketball term 'bust potential' can be applied in football, a...
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