Dr. Scoff and the Prof: Food, History and Mirth

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The premier Food studies/food history podcast where an Associate Professor of History and a Dr of Marketing have a chat and cook/prepare food from the past. Your one-stop-shop for discussion of food policy, food history, cookery and mirth Have a listen and let us know what you think: Twitter - @drscoffprof @drbryceevans Email - drscoffandtheprof@gmail.com


Chop, chop! Your favourite food history/food studies podcast is back! In this special episode featuring the legendary Simpson’s chop house of London, ...
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Absinthe: It Makes The Heart Grow Fonder. It also makes you drunk, as various intellectuals and artists will attest. Everyone's heard of its bad reput...
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Feeding History

Feeding History: Farming has changed the course of history, from civilisational growth in the ancient ‘Fertile Crescent’ to intensive GM agribusiness ...
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Easter: a time of blessed renewal and new life. And gluttonous chocolate eating. This episode of the food studies / food history podcast takes a light...
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Gin! From the bacchanal of Hogarth's 18th-century depictions of gin drinking to its current revival, this tipple has an interesting story. We discuss ...
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Food Conspiracy

In this episode we examine the topic of food and conspiracy. Conspiracy theories around food abound, many centring on the role of multinational compan...
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Presidential Food

US Presidential Foods Donald Trump's preferred diet of fast food and Diet Coke has, like every other aspect of the current US President's life, been h...
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