Fish At The Wheel

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As he drives down the motorway, legendary Brighton punk singer Martin Fish tells true tales of more than 20 years of drunken disorder with The Fish Brothers

Who's been wanking in my porridge?

As The Fish Brothers awake, ready for their tour of the Channel Islands, the shocking news comes through that Diana, Princess of Wales, has been kille...
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Easily Better Than You

While The Fish Brothers have always been (and are destined to remain) bottom feeders, they've occasionally rubbed fins with the rich and famous. As Sy...
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Some cunt has got in the way

As the wind whistles through the broken window of Sylvie the Honda Civic, and shameless bastards interrupt the latest episode of Fish At The Wheel by ...
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The Kaptain Kunt Klub

After slogging up and down the M23 throughout the longest winter in living memory, we release this barrel of filth as the first of two new podcasts re...
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Where the streets smell of spunk

As Sylvie continues to battle the longest winter in living memory, up and down past Handcross laden with Martin Fish and the producer, we return once ...
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Van Der Valk

It is not only Germany where The Fish Brothers have wreaked havoc. Here Martin Fish remembers what he can of expeditions into Holland and Belgium, his...
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Attila and the three Tims

After encountering punk poet Attila The Stockbroker (aka Throbbin of Southwick), The Fish Brothers reshuffle themselves into his backing band, Barnsto...
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Vanarchy in the UK

In this episode, Martin talks about every band's essential mode of transport and occasional accommodation -- the van -- and pays tribute to The Duke, ...
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