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We are your local food detectives. We delve into the Winnipeg food scene and tell you what places are the Five-stars and what places are the Dive-bars. Your two hosts CJ and the Hi-Guy have a wide array of restaurant experience that ranges from food critic to toddler. So grab your forks and dine in as we tell you about your future favourite restaurants, courtesy of your culinary explorers.

Episode 7 - The Tallest Poppy

CJ and the Hi-Guy go to The Tallest Poppy and discuss elevators, moose, and lumberjacks. Of course, always accompanied by delicious food in one of you...
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Episode 6 - The Falafel Place

On this episode CJ and the HI-Guy eat brunch at a Winnipeg staple. We talk about the Wind, Gene Simmons, Salad Fingers, and of course... The Food 
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Episode 3- Stella's Cafe & Bakery

Listen to CJ and the Hi-guy dive into Orcas, Bike Shorts, Not My Stellas, and of course THE FOOD.  For our busy listeners, our ratings begin at 109:29
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Episode 1 - Clementine

Food Dudes is an investigative food analysis podcast. Two dudes dive into the local food scene of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Hiatt has 10 years plus in the f...
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