Friends Like This


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Hello Friends and Welcome! Please grab a drink, joint or nothing at all while you unwind as I vent to you all with my friends about sh*t that we are all dealing with but don't talk about. Now if you can relate, grab a seat, let's communicate.

Empowering or enabling?

Life may be hard sometimes but we must be held accountable for the paths we have chosen. Get comfortable with doing things for yourself and setting up...
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I fell in love during Corona

Hey friends, I'm baaack! Join me on this episode as I touch base with you all and share my process of getting my mind right during this Covid-19 pande...
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BABY MAMA drama!!

Ladies!!! If you get pregnant and the guy says he doesn't want the baby, Do you keep it..? Here is my opinion. Please Listen!
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Selfish or Self-Care

Hello Friends! Today I wanna talk about the importance of being selfish about our self care. Especially around this stressful holiday season, I want t...
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Friend Zone

Can Men and Women be "Just Friends? On this episode I am chatting it up with my best guy friends about their views on relationships and whether or not...
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Needs of a friendship

Do you ever wonder whether or not you are a good friend.? Today my friend Joey joins me as we discuss friendships, what it means to us, the absolute d...
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Dream Killers: Succeed Anyway

Hey Friends! Welcome back to a new episode of Friends Like This. Today, I wanted to talk to you all about those Dream Killers in your life, those peop...
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Life as a Millennial

Do you ever look back at the people you've dated and some of the things you've done and thought "WTF was I thinking,,?" In this episode we have My goo...
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