Guilt and Shame


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Comedians Gabriel Bisset-Smith and Robert Cawsey are joined by award winning writer Vicky Jones to candidly discuss the topics we can all feel Guilt and Shame in. With the help of listeners stories and some special guests, this trio will leave no shameful stone unturned.


In this ep Gabe, Vicky and Rob discuss the horrendous topic of exercise plus Rob shows off how many Squats he can do. 
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In this episode, Vicky, Gabe and Rob talk penises -  Size, technique and "getting it up" are just some of the things they discuss. 
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#22 - MOTIVATION ft Susan Wokoma

Gabe, Rob and Vicky are joined by the amazing actress/writer Susan Wokoma (Chewing Gum, Year of the Rabbit, Crazyhead, Crashing) and are meant to talk...
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#21 - FEAR

Things get scary for Vicky, Rob and Gabe as they discuss fear. Giant spiders, not reaching your full potential and dark thoughts are just some of the ...
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Gabe and Rob talk about getting dumped, fired and ghosted. There isn't a rejection the three of them haven't experienced.
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#18 - BABIES ft Jessie Cave

Gabe, Vicky and Rob are joined by hilarious comedian, actress and mother of two Jessie Cave to discuss the huge topic of having babies! Plus Vicky has...
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#17 - VANITY

In this episode Gabe, Vicky and Rob talk about vanity. Being terrified of mirrors, eye brow transplants and teeth extensions are just some of the thin...
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