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Two best friends, Lara McCall Whitley & Sarah Elizabeth Maples, discuss murder, cults, conspiracies, and all things spooky.

Episode 109: Action Park

Hi Hellions! So sorry this is late! Literally, my brain turned off this week and I forgot :) You can tell it's getting close to finals lol.  This...
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Episode 107: The Tavern

Sarah's back back back again to talk about the spooky & haunted bar in Austin: The Tavern. It's one of the oldest buildings in Austin and wa...
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Gays Review: Disturbia

Hi friends! This week is a little different. Taylor joins me to chat about the 2007 movie Disturbia. We recap the film, discuss how ridiculous it was,...
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Episode 105: The Hill Abduction

Happy spooky season friends! We're back with another episode and this week we are talking about aliens. The Hill's were an interracial coupl...
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Episode 102: Tania Head

Taylor joins me for an extra frustrating episode this week! Tania Head survived the unthinkable during 9/11, but not all the pieces are adding up. I h...
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