Inside Florida Racing

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Inside Florida Racing is a two hour weekly motor sports show featuring the drivers and personalities of the Sunshine State racing scene....with CeCe Brooks, Rob Elting and Jack Smith airs every Monday 7-9 PM LIVE!

Inside Florida Racing Returns

Inside Florida Racing returned to the Internet “airwaves” Wednesday night with hosts Jack Smith, Rick Anges and Scott McAllister. Inside Florida Racin...
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Karting Around America - Part One

Show #88 June 22, 2009 Local Florida short track racing news update followed by three stellar example of the success of KART racing in America. Rohn M...
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Show #87 June 15, 2009

Show #87 June 15, 2009 UDLMCS Race Director and Radio personality Billy Ausburn discusses the upcoming Powell Family Memorial and Scott Thompson Memor...
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